Medics America

Healthcare Solutions 

Medics 4 America provides medical staffing and recruiting solutions for VA, DOD and civilian hospitals.  

"As a U.S. Army Veteran who served as a Medic, and founder of Medics 4 America, my goal is to help build upon the Intermediate Care Technician (ICT) program, which is a pilot program started by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, by hiring more physicians, medical students, medics and nurses to teach some of these courses." John M. Kocol 9/20/16

​​​"The mission of Medics America is for military doctors, nurses and medics to continue to serve America by providing excellent free health care to Native Americans and to Veterans." John M. Kocol, Founder & CEO of Medics America 

Here's a link to the AMEDD Museum Foundation; they can also be reached at (210) 226-0265. 

TSG Pays Tribute to the Legacy of "Army Medics"

By Dr. Valecia L. Dunbar, Army Medicine 10/1/12

Medics 4 America is a Kocol LLC affiliate.